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We have collected these 보도 구인구직 resources to help students search for part-time, remote, and working-from-home opportunities. Part-time jobs, both on-campus and off-campus, are a critical component of local economies, and they are an excellent choice** for students at Georgia Southern University.

The services of qualified students are desperately needed to fill these jobs. The services of an Administrative Assistant for students are urgently needed for a part-time, $300 per week position. Please be aware this position is NOT based in an office at the moment, this is part-time working at your own place at this time.

Upon my arrival, we will discuss making it a full-time employment, should I be impressed by your services during my absence. If no positions are posted at our headquarters, and you wish your resume to be considered for future opportunities, submit your information online, and Torrid will notify you of opportunities as they arise. If there are openings at our Headquarters, Torrid posts its advertisements to the leading, online, job-posting sites, our careers website, and social media.

Torrid is looking for individuals who really show a sales-first attitude and who love providing service to customers in the fashion-forward business. Floor & Decor provides a unique shopping experience with inspiring displays and amazing customer service. At TJX, we are committed to providing our customers with the ultimate “treasure hunt” shopping experience, one in which they discover something new each time they shop — great name brands, boutique design labels, and amazing finds from all over the world.

Build-A-Bear is also committed to making a difference in our Associates lives, incentivizing them on their goals, and celebrating their achievements. No matter where you are on your Wawa journey, Wawa Associates have opportunities for competitive benefits, career advancement, and skills development.

As a Meijer associate, you will have opportunities to influence the bottom line, customers, and teammates. You will be a financial and retail services frontline, responding to guests and Team Member telephone calls, letters, and emails, troubleshooting issues, and providing exceptional customer service.

Distribution & Warehousing Part-time / Full-time Positions You will be a part of an important team ensuring the timely shipment of products to the shelves. Store Crew Experienced Meat Cutters Full-time Positions Be a part of our in-store crew who cuts and packages quality meats for our valued customers. This job is very straight forward work, you just will be helping me send out letters, making payments to the retail stores, and buying a few items as needed.

Cashier may sound like an easy job title, but the role has great value for your retail business, should you experience a daily surge in customers. The duties of a cashier should be tailored to the needs of your particular business, but generally speaking, this retail job handles many of the things that you may have started doing as the business owner — from maintaining daily tasks and managing staffing and staff scheduling, to understanding sales trends, and, well, everything in between. An assistant store manager, obviously, has similar duties as the store manager, but when you add that retail job into our organizational chart, it typically provides day-to-day support along with taking on much of the responsibility related to employees, such as managing and scheduling.

A sales associate is also responsible for maintaining the stores clean, organized look, stocking items, and checking in customers. A shop associate can also be in charge of the stores budget, shop requirements (such as security and other operating needs), implementation of company policies and procedures, providing customer service, and so on. If the store manager needs assistance in his or her duties, be prepared to add an assistant store manager to the team.

To find out which positions are available in your local market, please visit stores in person and talk to store managers. When you find a position that interests you, feel free to apply online on the Career Application Gateway for your chosen Publix location. Visit the Healthcare & Human Services Job Openings Center to find out what jobs are currently opening across the state and to fill out an online application.

The Michigan State University Police Department is inviting applicants interested in working with a progressive, growing, all-services policing department. This position offers a compelling opportunity to provide medical services to the general public within a physician practice that is composed of teaching staff at Michigan State University.

MSU Health Care is actively recruiting a director of special projects to support operations and lines of care in the medical practice, which is composed of teaching faculty from Michigan State University. Student-Athlete Support Services of MSU Athletics is seeking a Career Services Coordinator to provide in-person and virtual career counseling and special programming to student-athletes working with the Athletic Academic Coordinators. MSU is seeking Workstation Analysts to be part of the Workstations & Mobility Services team to provide first-line operations coordination for incoming client requests.

It is Tractor Supply Companys policy to provide equal employment opportunities for all team members and job seekers. HHS is committed to hiring veterans and creating a workplace that values and retains the skills that Service Members bring to the job. HHS employees are committed to protecting the publics health and providing critical services to over 7 million Texans each month with transparency, accountability, and responsiveness.

Training will make you more familiar with the roles and responsibilities that you must assume as soon as you begin working with our customer projects. Caseys Store Team is provided the opportunity to learn a variety of responsibilities by conducting cross-training across all Store functions. In some stores, we also have opportunities as pizza delivery drivers, which allows for some in-store and out-of-store hours.